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Here are some of the core features included in Canvas, powered by its Joomla core components:

User Managementalt
There are nine user groups with various types of permissions on what users are allowed to access, edit, publish and administer.

Media Manager
The Media Manager is the tool for easily managing media files or folders. It is integrated into the Article Editor tool so you can grab images and other files at any time.

Menu Manager
The Menu Manager allows you to create as many menus and menu items as you need. You can structure your menu hierarchy (and nested menu items) completely independent of your content structure.

Language Options
There is international support for many world languages. If you need your Web site in one language and the administrator panel in another, multiple languages are possible.

If you want to find out more about your users, it's easy to create polls with multiple options.

Help navigate users to most popular search items and provide the admin with search statistics.

Content Management

Canvas' simplified three-tiered system of articles makes organizing your content a snap. You can organize your content any way you want and not necessarily how it will be on your Web site. You can always publish any content, anywhere in your site.


Syndication and Newsfeed
With Canvas, it's easy to syndicate your site content, allowing your users to subscribe to new content in their favorite RSS reader. It's equally easy to integrate RSS feeds from other sources and aggregate them all on your site.

System Features
Speedy page loads are possible with page caching, granular-level module caching, and GZIP page compression.

Web Services
With Web services, you can use Remote Procedure Calls (via HTTP and XML). You can also integrate XML-RPC services with the Blogger and Joomla APIs.

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